Back to School 2018 Tips!

Hi Kelab Nuri guys and girls! Big Bro is back with a new happy feeling to start 2018! Have you guys prepared everything to go back to school? Are you guys ready for it? Let’s see what you can prepare in order to make sure that you have everything you need, from school uniforms and books.

Big Bro is so excited that you are going to start the new school session for 2018. Aren’t you guys excited? Come on, guys! I am going to share 4 important things that you need to prepare before going back to school to meet friends and teachers. Perhaps you might be having new classmates with different classroom environment too, isn’t that exciting?




1.   Plan Out & Reset Your Schedule


Slowly move bedtimes and wakeup times back to what you should be during

the school year. You can do this gradually over one or two weeks. If meal times or other regular routines have changed over the school holidays, reset those as well.


2.   Get in the Back-to-School Mindset


Setting goals (and sticking with them) is very important. For example, Big Bro is suggesting that you guys set a new goal in getting better grades. If you got a B for any subject from the previous year but this year, for 2018, try to set for an A!



3.   Get ready with new school uniforms and stationeries.


Have you guys bought new school uniforms? I bet you guys are happy to wear new shoes and bring new bags and books to school, aren’t you? It was a great feeling back then to Big Bro as I could share the same happy feeling with my friends when the new school session started!


      4.   Start a new resolution!


Do you have a new resolution? For those who are going to take key exams such as the UPSR, PT3, and SPM examination, this is very important that you start a new resolution. For example, it is good if you can focus more on the subjects which you think are challenging for you and start to plan out in attending a few additional classes. Discuss with your teachers and parents so that you can really target and improve your grades!




You guys can refer to these important tips for your guidance in order to go back to school. Big Bro suggests this list to help you prioritise so that you can plan out everything to start a new school session for 2018!


Let’s go back to school and hit the new year of 2018 with some positive vibes from Big Bro!