Happy Chinese New Years 2018!

Happy Chinese New Year, kids! Are you excited about your holiday? Here are some tips from me so that you can have an enjoyable Chinese New Year:



1. Help your parents with the festive preparations.

You can help your mother by cleaning up you room, decorating your house with festive trinkets and help he baby sit you younger siblings while she's busy.


     2. Enjoy yourself during Family Time.

The Reunion Dinner is the most important meal of the year to our friends who celebrate Chinese New Year, where family members and relatives will be expected to be home to dine together as big happy family. Enjoy the food and remember to offer a helping hand whenever needed.



     3. Spend time with your family.

The holiday is great time to strengthen your bond with your family. This is the time to switch off you phone and iPad, and instead go with your family to enjoy festive performances in your neighborhood such as, dragon dances, and lion dances.


     4. Visit grandparents & relatives.

     Ask your parents to take you to your grandparents home. i love spending time with my grandma especially when she shares stories about my mother when she was kid. it's funny when she recounted how my mom sulked when she didn't get what she wants.


Finally, I would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year if you are celebrating it, and for everyone else, have a good break with your family! Enjoy and be safe, kids!