World Autism Awareness Month 2018

Five Tips to Support Our Autistic Friends


Hi, kids! Do you know about World Autism Awareness Day? It was held on 2 April 2018 to increase awareness about people, especially children with autism. Autism spectrum disorder is known as a complex developmental disability. Generally, it will appear before the age of 3. In fact, boys are four times likely to have autism than girls.

It may impact their normal development including their social interaction, in verbal and non-verbal communication skills and play activities. Until now, autism are unrecognizable disorder but don’t worry! It is treatable but in most cases.

Here are some tips on how to support your autistic friends!



1. Communicate with them

You should try to understand their world first because they have difficulty in verbal and non-verbal communication. It will be helpful if they can see what you are talking about through picture, video & object to express it to them.


2. Exercise together

Kids, do you know that some exercises may reduce their hyperactivity? Yes, it really works! Instead of drawing, you can have an enjoyable time with them by teaching them to take a walk, yoga, tai chi and deep breathing exercises. Thus, it will help them learn to calm their thoughts and bodies.


3. Improve their talents

Most of them are good in drawing, art and computer programming. Kids, you can befriend them by joining them in their hobbies. For example, help them draw a natural environment, sketch a village environment and other creative activities that will makes them happy and learn.


4. Develop their environment with music

A soothing music can help anyone especially for children with autism to calm down and distress. Find out what kind of music that they prefer and play their favorite songs during dinner time, homework, play time and before bedtime.

5. Create a quite area

Avoid noisy environments and crowded areas because it will make them stressful. You can befriend them by joining their play time but you must be quiet and they will be comfortable with you.


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