Let’s Join Choral Speaking!

Hi kids! Do you remember my question in the previous post? Let’s recap it again. So, what is a suitable club/society for me based on my hobby? Well, the answer is Choral Speaking Club!

What is choral speaking?

Choral speaking is the interpretation of poetry or prose by a group. When recited in English, it will help to encourage and increase the use of English among us. Besides that, we will have the confidence to memorize, speak, render and express ourselves in English.

Besides that, choral speaking is also good training for intonation, pronunciation and stress. When telling a story, the emphases are to focus on vowels and consonants.

Plus, it provides a chance for creative expressions through the use of sounds, rhythm and body movement. You would have a sense of joy and satisfaction when participating in a choral speaking group.

1. Voice

Your voice must be loud and clear to make sure people understand what you want to say. If your choral speaking script is perfect but people will still be annoyed if they can’t hear you. You must say and enunciate each words clearly.

2. Intonation

You must use several intonations of voices. It is not going to be fun if the same tone of voice is used. When I was 10 year’s old, I still remember one group who use same intonation from start until end. It bores people who were listening.

3. Drama

Do you know that Choral Speaking is like telling an exciting story full of emotion? If we want to tell a story, to someone, we need to act as if the story really happened! Shout loudly when we’re mad, frown our brows when sad and act like a baby when crying.

4. Uniformity

What is important about Choral Speaking, is that it won’t be fun when your group not performing in a uniformed movement. This takes a lot of practice and team work.

5. Presentation Style

Of course, actions must be added to make it exciting! Try to add some interesting action like drinking a glass of water. If you want to make different style, the front row can pour a glass of water to the middle row while the back row open their mouth and act as if they want to drink.

These are a few tips that can be used to practice to become a great choral speaking group. For me, it is good if you’re using a simple script but it will be great if you can attract viewers from your awesome presentation style. Joyful songs and funny tone of voice applied will sound great too!

Last but not least, this is one of choral speaking competitions that was held in Malaysia. Let’s watch it!


What an excellent performance right?  If you have participated in Choral Speaking Competition before, it will be a great experience for you because Bank Rakyat will organize a Choral Speaking competition soon!

I will share more information in my upcoming blog!

Stay tuned.